YOU PUT MARMITE IN WHAT? 5 tasty things to do with marmite!

By Becky Stokely

Header image by Becky Stokely

Whether you love it or hate it, Marmite is being added to all your favourite foods, and I’m loving it. Here are some of the most interesting and unusual thing to put marmite in:

1. Marmite pasta; delicious mixed into spiralled pasta, coated over gnocchi or mixed into spaghetti! A taste sensation to add to your bog standard pasta.


Photography taken by Becky Stokley

2.Marmite caramel brownies; Marmite, salted caramel and dark chocolate. A dream or a nightmare? You decide. A brilliant mix of sweet, savoury and salty!
3. Marmite chocolate cake; Marmite buttercream in-between two chocolate sponges, lush!

4. Savoury marmite tea cake; A savoury cake with marmite swirled within, topped with yet more marmite and sprinkled with a load of cheese!

5. Marmite Shepard’s Pie: A twist on the homemade classic. Mince, potato, veg. All the usual just with a touch of marmites sweetness stirred into it!


2 thoughts on “YOU PUT MARMITE IN WHAT? 5 tasty things to do with marmite!

  1. Its a shame I can’t eat Marmite. I get such a bad reaction to it, and some of these suggestions look so good 😦 I never would have thought it would go well with caramel!

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